Individual support for further study

Supporting learners with SEND in vocational, academic or work related study

Sometimes learners with SEND do not progress to further study because they are not able to access specialist support as further education institutions are not always able to offer targeted and bespoke support. We address this by providing one to one help to develop skills and independent learning and research skills in a way that is most helpful for the student.

  • We can provide a tutor with relevant subject and special educational needs knowledge to support students with additional needs regularly during their college studies, degree or other professional studies.
  • Our support could be on a weekly or monthly basis and would cover academic, language, life and independent study skills and time management, for example, as needed.
  • The tutor can also support students in an advocacy role to ensure the student is receiving appropriate other support to which they are entitled from the educational setting itself, for example.
  • We can support the student at a traditional university or college setting or during study for an online qualification.
  • Please contact us and we can discuss costs based upon the subject and nature of support required.