How we can help

We are neurodiversity and additional needs specialists

We provide coaching for neurodiverse adults as well as those supporting children with additional needs

We also help adults and families access the right educational and other support and run therapeutic educational programmes

What we do


Neurodiversity coaching for adults as well as coaching for parents and others supporting learners with additional needs

We help families, schools and colleges find the right teachers, professionals and specialists to work with learners with additional needs

Finding schools

Finding placements in mainstream and specialist state and independent schools and colleges for learners with additional needs

Therapeutic learning

We design and run therapeutic educational programmes as a visiting alternative provision as well as out of school. Find out more


If you are struggling to put in place the right support for your child, worried about getting an EHCP or just trying to get started we can help

Inclusive business

A 2 year coaching and training programme for adults with additional needs starting or growing their business. Email us to find out more

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“Highly recommended.”

Parent of a learner identified with autism, school placement package

“My child has made the best progress ever in his education since being in a therapeutic educational programme designed and run by the team at Acorn to Oak Education. It is designed around all of his needs, interests and skills with teaching and therapy integrated so he makes quicker progress. He’s happy and enjoys learning now.”

Parent of a child in an out of school therapeutic educational programme

“Our school placement broke down at the start of the summer term and by that half term we had accepted a place at a new provision for September with a plan for home based learning in between developed for us by the Acorn to Oak Education team. The new placement was in a setting we did not know before and has been a complete success. Thank you so much as we knew we were in great hands and it took the stress out of this difficult situation.”

Parent of a learner identified with mental health needs, school placement package

“You’ve saved me the enormously daunting task of investigating all of this myself, and I’d never have found so many options without your help.”

Parent of a highly able learner identified with autism and other specific learning difficulties, school shortlist

“I had spent years trying to find any relevant provision near us and thanks to the search now know all the local options plus their strengths and weaknesses.”

Parent of a learner identified with SLCN and specific learning difficulties, school shortlist

“The kids love learning these great learning and life skills with Vicky and Leonie. Thank you for a great course.”

ASDAN out of school learning programme