We have based our top picks for resources upon what we know that our team and our clients have found helpful and would love to hear from you about other favourite resources that you find useful.

Information about educational support

Returning to school after coronavirus

Resources for primary aged children: there is a free book illustrated by Axel Scheffler that you can download regarding the virus and how it is affecting us and there are lovely Sesame Street videos regarding health emergencies that we recommend

Resources designed for teenagers: the Stem-4 resources page has updates regarding the pandemic and also excellent materials to support teenagers with anxiety

Resources for schools and education professionals – has a great deal of useful information including a great article with ideas regarding how to support learners in school in relation to the pandemic and we also recommend Mentally Healthy Schools for ideas about supporting learners with challenges at this time


ADHD Foundationthe foundation is an active organisation spreading best practice for those learners with ADHD also running local groups as well as courses and training

ADHD Wise – offers online 6 week courses for adults with ADHD and ADHD related psycho-educational support for young people and adults

Dani Donovan – Dani Donovan is an artist who has been identified with ADHD and we love her fun and explanatory art work

Fintan O’Regan – Successfully Teaching and Managing Children with ADHD (Nasen Spotlight)


The National Autistic Society – a leading organisation in the UK for information and advice

The Reason I Jump, Naoki Higashida – We like this book because it is written by a young man identified with autism about his own experience

Parenting a child with autism – a parent’s view of what works, what helps and what does not and top tips

Cerebral palsy

Cerebral Palsy UK – this charity provides diagnosis advice, information about support and also respite care

Communication difficulties

Language for learning in the primary school, Sue Hayden and Emma Jordan
This is a really useful book that tells you about what support your child should be receiving in school if they have speech, langauge and communication needs

Language for learning in the secondary school, Sue Hayden and Emma Jordan
This is the secondary school version and we also find this really helpful to understand what kind of support your child with SLCN may need

Mikey’s Wish – Mikey is a young man with verbal dyspraxia and posts on facebook about his experiences and what has been useful and not so helpful. Mikey has spoken at the Apraxia Kids conference in the US

A parent’s view of speech and language needs – read what the journey to support a child with communication needs can be like


The Dyscalculia Information Centrethe website has an online test as well as practical information


The British Dyslexia Associationa good place to start and revisit about dyslexia and also has information about dyscalculia

Creative, Successful, Dyslexic: 23 high achievers share their stories, edited by Margeret Rooke – we find this a really encouraging book


Dyspraxia Foundation – very comprehensive website and the local groups are a lovely resource if you are near one plus there is a great helpline

Dyspraxic Me – a lovely peer mentoring charity for young people aged 16-25 with dyspraxia with meetings in London

Mental health for learners

Stem-4 – the apps are a fantastic resource and are designed for young people (e.g. Calm Halm) to use as well as for parents such as Combined Minds with great resources also for schools

Corona virus and teenage mental health – advice by Stem-4 for teenage mental health during the corona virus outbreak

Mentally Healthy Schools – a comprehensive series of resources produced by Heads Together for schools that can be useful also for parents and families

Mental health for parents

The emotional impact of parenting a disabled child – an article by Joanna Griffin in Special Needs Jungle

The impact of SEND parenting on parents’ mental health – a report by psychologist Joanna Griffin on the impact on parent carer mental health by supporting a child with SEND

Parent carer wellbeing during self-isolation – article by psychologist Joanna Griffin on how parent carers can support themselves during self-isolation

Sensory processing disorders

Star Institute – this US based organisation provides research based information on their website and offers online training

Practical help for parents and carers

Childlaw Advice – This website contains a great deal of information about legal matters to do with children including with regard to education and home education related laws

Contact – Contact is a charity for those with disabled children and the website contains information about how to get help including Education and Health Care Plans and there is a free helpline

Ipsea – Ipsea runs a helpline service for free advice (although book on fast and keep checking for availability) as well as helpful online courses for parents

Legal requirements around home education – This site explains what you are required to do in relation to home education and how to check what support your local authority offers for home education and you can search by postcode

SENDISS – Special Educational Needs and Disability Independent Support Service providing special educational needs information and help to parents and teachers

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