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We specialise in person centred neurodiversity coaching for adults as well as parent and carer coaching for those supporting learners with additional needs

Our team has long standing coaching expertise in business and life coaching as well as neurodiversity experience through working with neurodivergent adults and learners as well as in many cases from our own lived experience

Neurodiversity coaching such as for ADHD, autism and dyslexia has been highly effective for our clients in promoting positive outcomes and addressing challenges related to neurodiverse profiles

Neurodiversity coaching is highly practical and involves the coach supporting the client to improve awareness of strengths and to help the client to develop new strategies to best suit their profil, to achieve their goals and realise their potential

With our neurodivergent clients we work on areas such as:

  • organisation
  • planning
  • goal setting
  • breaking up and ordering tasks
  • reducing emotion based delays (procrastination)
  • setting boundaries
  • working well with others
  • how to improve emotional regulation
  • how to reduce overwhelm and avoid meltdowns
  • how to complete routine or less interesting tasks
  • managing time and working on time and future blindness
  • strategies to manage social anxiety
  • building accountability which increases the likelihood of goals being met
  • managing money and budgeting
  • presentation skills and how to overcome anxiety in relation to presenting
  • learning to take breaks to avoid burn out
  • growing the ability to relax and be mindful
  • improving sleep and wellbeing
  • supporting the achievement of career goals
  • accessing support in the workplace or in study
  • using strengths to address challenges in practice

With parents and carers of learners with additional needs we can focus on:

  • helping parents and carers identify the most suitable strategies that will help their child whether in the home or in their studies
  • addressing challenges their learner is experiencing in school, college or university
  • improving understanding of their learner’s profile
  • with the development of more effective strategies we can help parents and carers improve their own wellbeing
  • setting up better support for the family using free support wherever appropriate

Given the nature of our team’s expertise, some clients speak with us about more than one area of their life as part of our holistic approach.

How it works

Coaching is delivered online by video call (Microsoft Teams or Zoom) or by phone if preferred and we are able to work with clients wherever they are located

Sessions last 45 minutes or 60 minutes and most clients book weekly sessions although we work flexibly and agree with clients the best coaching session interval for them

Coaching is a confidential process and our team works to the International Coaching Federation code of ethics

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Our Coaching Services


Free – first 30 minute coaching session

£75 per 45 minute session – blocks of 4 payable in advance for self funding clients

£80 per 45 minute session – pay as you go for self paying clients

Our corporate/Access to Work rate is £120 for one off sessions per hour and £95 per hour for blocks of more than 12 sessions

Neurodiversity coaching

  • We support neurodiverse adults with profiles such as in relation to ADHD, autism and dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia to succeed and access relevant support
  • This includes working together to identify strategies that work for you at home and at work

Life coaching

  • We empower our clients to achieve balance and wellbeing in their lives
  • We are experienced in coaching individuals with anxiety, toxic stress and those who are unhappy with the direction of their life and wish to improve the quality of their key relationships and make changes at home and at work.

Coaching for parents and carers

  • Carers are often under significant pressure and we work to develop strategies that optimise your own wellbeing as well as help your child progress at home and at school
  • We also connect you to sources of support in the community for those you care for and yourself

Business coaching

  • We support our clients to achieve success in starting or growing their business or to develop their career whether in a large or small corporate or public sector organisation.
  • Our team expertise includes company directors, entrepreneurs, senior management and freelance creatives.

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Client Feedback

“I have absolutely loved having coaching sessions with you and this has been one of the most positive things I have ever done as I have learned so many new strategies which have significantly decreased the constant anxiety that I felt for most of my life.”

Neurodiversity coaching client identified with ADHD, and autism

“When I met Silja my business was an idea and with her help it is now a reality and my business has been featured in magazines and we are making sales and developing the business on a global basis. Thank you so much. It has been amazing to have this kind of support and to learn how best I can get things done, thank you.”

Owner of a bespoke fashion business with dyslexia

“Amy has helped me so much to grow and develop my business while understanding my own challenges with ADHD, anxiety and health issues and supporting neurodiverse learners at home. Amy’s encouragement, perspective, feedback, supportive ideas and strategies have literally transformed my life and business.”

Business owner with ADHD

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