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We specialise in neurodiversity, parent and carer coaching, as well as holistic life and business coaching. Our experienced coaches know how to help you navigate personal, health and professional challenges while increasing your resilience in difficult times.

Given the nature of our team’s expertise, some clients speak with us about more than one area of their life as part of our holistic approach.

We work with you to understand your goals, resources and challenges as well as any limiting factors so that we can help you put in place adjustments and strategies to move forward with confidence and achieve your goals. Coaching is delivered online by phone or video call.

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Our Coaching Services


With our bursary funding we are operating on a pay what you can afford basis with clients able to choose the pricing point that works for them:

£85 per session (corporate rate)

£50 per session – pay as you go

£45 per session – blocks of 4 payable in advance

Further subsidies are available for blocks of sessions purchased in advance

Neurodiversity coaching

We support neurodiverse adults with profiles such as in relation to ADHD, autism and dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia to succeed and access relevant support. This includes working together to identify strategies that work for you at home and at work based upon your strengths.

Life coaching

We empower our clients to achieve balance and wellbeing in their lives. We are experienced in coaching individuals with anxiety, toxic stress, and those who are unhappy with the direction of their life, wish to improve the quality of their key relationships and make changes at home and at work.

Coaching for parents and carers

Carers are often under significant pressure and we work to develop strategies that optimise your own wellbeing as well as help your child progress at home and at school. We also connect you to sources of support in the community for those you care for and yourself.

Business coaching

We support you to achieve success in starting or growing your business or to develop your career whether in a large or small corporate or public sector organisation. Our team expertise includes company directors, entrepreneurs, senior management and freelance creatives.

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Client Feedback

“When I met Silja my business was an idea and with her help it is now a reality and my business has been featured in magazines and we are making sales and developing the business on a global basis. Thank you so much. It has been amazing to have this kind of support thank you.”

Owner of a bespoke fashion business

“Amy has helped me so much to grow and develop my business while understanding my own challenges with ADHD and health issues and supporting neurodiverse learners at home. Amelie’s encouragement, perspective, feedback, supportive ideas and strategies have literally transformed my life and business.”

Entrepreneur with ADHD