What our clients say

“Highly recommended”

Parent of a learner identified with autism, school placement package

“Our school placement broke down at the start of the summer term and by that half term we had accepted a place at a new provision for September with a plan for home based learning in between developed for us by the Acorn to Oak Education team. The new placement was in a setting we did not know about before and has been a complete success. Thank you so much as we knew we were in great hands and it took the stress out of this difficult situation.”

Parent of a learner identified with health needs, school placement package

“I had spent years struggling to find any relevant provision near us and thanks to the search now know all the options plus their strengths and weaknesses and also which ones could be relevant for us across several regions.

Due to my child being cognitively able yet needing significant support it was has been hard for us to find the right balance in schools so really appreciated the help from the Acorn to Oak team.

For our EHCP, it has been so helpful to be able to articulate which options are viable for our child, provide the right environment, peer group and support and which do not.”

Parent of learner with specific learning difficulties including speech and language needs and ADHD

“Your report means I now know my options and can better make decisions.”

“You’ve saved me an enormously daunting task of investigating all this myself, and I’d never have found as many options without your help.”

Parent of learner identified with autism and other specific learning difficulties

“The personal development programme that they worked on together, looking at the challenges our child faced, gave a framework for him to look at the mountain in front of him, articulate anxieties and construct bite sized steps to move forward.” The programme was a “vital outlet” and “feeling respected helped him to grow his own self-respect” and “these are life skills that will be so useful for his future.”

Parent whose child the team supported with a personal development programme so they could return to mainstream education full time