Therapeutic educational programmes

We design and run individual and group therapeutic educational programmes for learners with a variety of additional support needs.

These include in relation to ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dyscalculia, sensory integration, social, emotional and mental health needs as well as difficulties with speech and language and fine and gross motor skills.

Our specialist senior team including social, emotional and mental health experts as well as specialists in working with complex educational, mental and physical health needs work with specialist teachers and therapists to design programmes around the individual learner or group and put them into action.

We carefully design, manage and deliver each programme working collaboratively with each learner, educational setting and the learner’s family.

It is a great pleasure to see the progress that learners make when their education incorporates the therapeutic support and learning style that is right for them.

Families, schools and local authorities can make referrals to us by emailing or calling 020 7193 8407.

In school

We offer daily, weekly and full time therapeutic and educational programmes in school as a visiting alternative provision focussed on working with learners who need additional, or different, support. This helps learners in accessing their education in school, increasing inclusion and building learning, wellbeing and communication skills for example.

These programmes also offer pre-teaching to the school’s scheme of work, hands on, fun learning and enrichment opportunities as well as widening horizons.

We integrate speech therapy, occupational therapy, art, music and drama therapy in addition to specialist behaviour and mental health support into what we offer. We also run a specialist programme focussed on communication needs. Find out more here.

For year 10 and year 11, we can provide a full time year or two year long programme for individuals or a group to offer a focus on core GCSEs as well as alternative certifications where needed.

In year 12, we offer programmes to focus on retaking key subjects as well as encouragement and support for learners to identify the next steps in their education to boost participation in A level and other further study.

Outside of school or college

We design and run integrated educational and therapeutic programmes for learners with additional needs including complex health and mental health needs that have not been able to attend an educational setting whether due to lack of suitable places or due to health or other reasons. Our team designs a therapeutic and educational programme to focus on the key needs and strengths to build resilience, learning and wellbeing skills.

We aim to support learners to re-engage with education through working with their interests and by supporting learners to consider ways that the future can better than the past.

Programmes can include specialist teaching, talking therapy, art therapy, music therapy, dance therapy, equine therapy, speech and language therapy and occupational therapy.

We also integrate social care support such as support workers and buddies into the programme where possible.

These programmes work to increase participation and inclusion in the community with a view to integration into formal educational settings part or full time as appropriate.

Holiday and weekend clubs

We offer holiday and weekend clubs that, like our other provision types, are fun and interactive to offer integrated learning and therapy to boost progress in learning, wellbeing, communication and other key skills such as independence related skills.

These can be for a day, week or several weeks. Similarly to our other programmes we can offer these to small groups (maximum 8 children) with occupational therapists and speech and language therapists working in each group with a specialist teacher.

Like in school provision, when linked to an educational setting, we can provide pre-teaching in a more accessible way and enrichment opportunities that learners might not otherwise be able to access.

As with our other programmes, we are able to incorporate detailed educational psychology, speech therapy and occupational therapy assessments into our work so that learners return to their educational setting with good information available about what will work best for them to boost progress and inclusion.

Having a unique individualised programme incorporating therapy and educational support has made a huge difference to our child and has helped him to make more progress than ever before.

Parent of learner in an out of school individual therapeutic programme

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