Search services

Our search team helps families find the right specialists and teaching support to match their child’s profile

We help families find the right SEN experts, specialist teachers, learning mentors or one to one support people to work with their children either at home or in school.

Our approach is highly personalised to each learner, their profile and their family’s needs and our team’s network of professional and teaching contacts helps us to find the right matches.

How we help

For those looking for advice about the best professionals to work with that can support their child we can provide advice and input on an advisory basis.

We also provide highly personalised search services to clients looking for SEN specialist learning mentors, teaching or therapy assistants or specialist teachers that can work with their child either at home or in school. For these kinds of searches we charge a percentage of the annual salary of the SEN specialist upon the start of work.

Email us at to find out more or call us on 020 7193 8407.