Practical help with Education and Health Care Plans

Obtaining your first EHCP

  • If you are confused about how to get started and what to do we can help.
  • We will guide you through and help manage the EHCP process and recommend you to professionals that can help evidence your child’s needs.
  • We can recommend legal advisory services for you and can work with you and your legal advisor to organise and manage the process. While you may need additional legal advice we believe that our expertise can help you manage your legal advisor’s involvement to be as efficient and effective as possible.
  • We can help ensure that all of the information about your child’s needs are evidenced in the EHCP and help you obtain the evidence you need by recommending you to relevant professionals.
  • If you also need help to find the relevant school setting we can combine this service with an educational setting shortlist or placement service.
  • It costs £995.00 for us to work with you in obtaining your first EHCP so that you can then move forward to the final review with your legal advisor or legal representative and we will work with you for up to 12 months as you move towards gaining the first EHCP.

EHCP Annual Review Support

  • If you are coming up to your first EHCP review or are seeking to review your EHCP to name a new educational setting we can also help.
  • Working with you, your legal advisor or free advocate, and the professionals working with your child we can help to ensure that the evidence you need for the new educational setting is appropriately backed up by the professional reports that you have access to.
  • We will provide comments on the professional reports or questions to send to the professionals and suggest changes to the EHCP for you to review with your legal advisor.
  • We can provide practical support and input that saves you legal time and a great deal of the time consuming work in coordinating with professionals and commenting in detail on reports.
  • This service costs £595.00 for regular reviews that are completed within 12 months from when the service commences.

We can also help you with a bespoke package that is based upon your budget or provide a consultation to provide you with an overview on how to proceed. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help.