Parents – how we can help

We can help with all stages of your journey in supporting a child with additional needs from understanding what is going on through appropriate assessments, advising you on what support is needed in class and giving you school ideas if you need them.

Getting started

If you have noticed that your child has difficulties and you are not sure what to do we can help with educational psychology assessment and advising you on the support that your child should receive in school as well as what the best school options might be

Finding a school or college

If you are looking to find the best educational setting for your child and are struggling to find the right place or know what would be the best type of setting for your child we can help

We advise families on all types of school in the mainstream and specialist sectors

Troubleshooting: advice and advocacy

Do you need help with getting the right support in place at school or college, to decide whether your child is best to change schools or are you struggling with your Education and Health Care Plan or wanting to know if you need a plan? We can help you whatever stage you are at with advice and /or advocacy so that you can move forward

Our child did not want to attend school and we did not know what to do. The team helped us so much to figure out what was going wrong, what our child needed and we were able to explain to school what support our child would need. Advocacy from Acorn to Oak Education was essential with this.

— Parent of an ADHD and autistic learner with mental health needs

We needed to find a school for our child with mental health needs at really short notice as the placement broke down. Within a few weeks we had a new place thanks to the school search team at Acorn to Oak and we are so happy. We really needed the help and to know that every option had been considered.

— Parent of a learner with mental health needs