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We offer a range of support and advice options for parents and carers of learners with SEND. These range from regular coaching for carers, help with finding a new school or college setting, or assistance with the Education and Health Care Plan process.

Coaching for carers and neurodiverse adults

We provide holistic coaching for parents and carers to help them best support their child while meeting their own needs. We also support neurodiverse adults in the workplace and further study as well as offering life and business coaching or a combination of all types of coaching. Our coaches are all experienced and our team has a great deal of SEND experience. Find out more and book appointments here

Finding a new school or college

If you are looking for a new school or college for a learner with SEND whether that is a state or independent school or mainstream or specialist setting we can help you. Our approach is detailed and personalised to your family’s and your child’s individual needs and profile. Using our specialist expertise and comprehensive database including all types of settings we have been able to help many clients obtain successful placements. We can support you all the way through the process. Find out more and book here

SEND Advice

Our team has comprehensive experience of supporting learners with a wide variety of learning profiles, and health, physical and mental health needs. We also are knowledgeable about accessing therapeutic and educational support and how to work with schools, colleges and other stakeholders such as local authorities to help put in place appropriate provision to meet the individual learner’s needs. Our parent line is open daily and 45 minute calls with our team are bookable in advance here. Longer consultations can be booked by emailing: silja.turville@acorntooakeducation.org

Help with Education and Health Care Plans

We can provide practical support to help you in the process of applying for your first Education and Health Care Plan and in future annual reviews to help you to tailor the plan to what your child needs and support access to appropriate educational provision. Find out more and book here

Team searches for educational roles

We offer a search service for families and educational settings to find the right SEND and additional needs experts, specialist teachers, learning mentors or one to one support to work with children at home or at school or college.

Our approach is highly personalised to each learner, their profile, and their family’s and the setting’s needs. With the depth and breadth of our network we are able to find the right matches for each role. Find out more about how we can help.

To find out more about our services please contact silja.turville@acorntooakeducation.org

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