Advice and Support

Our friendly team has the training and direct experience of navigating the special educational needs system to understand what families contend with in order to gain the right support for their child. We are also experts in home schooling and supporting learners with SEND at home and at school.

We offer telephone appointments during which we cover topics of your choosing and can provide you with practical support regarding:

  1. How to manage working and supporting your learner(s) with SEND at home
  2. Resources and ideas for home programmes, transitions and managing anxiety
  3. How to get started with a diagnosis if you need one
  4. How to get more help at your child’s current school
  5. Whether you need an EHCP and how to get this started
  6. Thinking about whether your child is in the right school or college for them
  7. How to access more support than you currently have available for your child including how to get a place in a specialist school
  8. Where to get further advice and support
  9. Recommendations for the types of specialist input you may need to make your case for support such as educational psychology or therapy provision
  10. CORONA VIRUS OFFER: Book a free 45 minute telephone appointment and then pay what you can afford for future sessions

“This call has been so helpful and given me lots of great ideas”

Parent line call for home learning advice

“I felt so alone with everything and it is so great to know that you are here to help”

Parent line call diagnosis and EHC plans