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Returning to full time school after Covid

Many families report to us that parents, carers and/or learners are anxious about the return to school. Find out about our top tips for making the return more manageable

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Parent carer mental health

Read our interview with Joanna Griffin who has been researching parent carer emotional wellbeing, the positive and negative impact of parenting a disabled child and what we can do to help ourselves. Joanna also shares what kinds of support she thinks should be available to parents.

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A parent’s experience of supporting a child with autism

We talked with the parent of a child identified with autism to find out what it has been like, what has worked, what has not worked and what tips she would have for other parents

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SEN learning at home

Many families are now involved in supporting their child learn at home with or without input from school. Most of the tips and advice now circulating online are designed for neurotypical learners. Supporting learners with SEN at home can bring different challenges and our team provides a few suggestions to help you whether your child has formalised online learning, set work or no work coming through from school

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What parents of SEN learners want schools to know

SEN parents give us a great deal of feedback about schools and there are common themes. We know schools are under pressure although based upon client feedback we think there are opportunities to work together to create more inclusive school communities for the benefit of all