Getting started with supporting a learner with additional needs

When you see your child is struggling it can feel overwhelming and impossible to know where to start.

We can help you figure out what is going on for your child and what you can do to help. You are not alone. Our team has specialist expertise as well as lived experience as parents and professionals.

Understanding your child

An early step can be arranging an assessment with an educational psychologist to find out more about how your child learns and what can help them. Armed with this you can then move towards ensuring support is in place for your child

Educational psychology + educational review + school ideas

You can add an educational review to an educational psychology report to provide information about what the support your child would need in class would look like. You can also ask us to provide some educational settings that would be able to offer what your child needs in class

Support for parents and carers

Navigating the additional needs process can be hard. It can feel lonely and overwhelming and can affect the mental health of parents and carers. You are not alone. Our support team can help you with parent coaching so that you can take care of yourself along the way too

The educational review was a key part of getting the right support in place for our child. We knew what to ask for in school and used the report as a key document in our EHCP process as it so clearly set out what our child needed to have in place.

— Parent of learner with complex learning needs

The educational psychology report gave us a really good idea of what our child needed. We then knew what to ask for at school and it helped us to decide whether we needed to consider asking for an EHCP.

— Parent of a learner with speech and language needs