For Adults

Working with your strengths, resources & skills to achieve your goals

We support neurodivergent adults through coaching and counselling as it can be hard to achieve our goals in work, education and life when systems are based upon neurotypical thinking and ways of doing and being.

Our coaching and counselling teams either have lived experience of neurodivergence or are allies to neurodivergent adults as well as clients for whom other factors may interact with the way they can be treated such as race and gender.


We are neurodiversity specialists and all our coaches have senior level business experience so we can help you to navigate work and life in a way that is authentic and right for you.

Our work is based around your goals and objectives and we partner with you to help you get there in the way that is right for you.

We work online and by phone according to your preference. You do not need a formal diagnosis and can be a self-paying client or seek funding from Access to Work or your employer.

Neurodiversity coaching has changed my life. It has helped me understand myself and to learn to work and live in a way that suits how I think and am. For once, I am able not to mask anymore and now have the courage to be seen by friends, family and colleagues as the person that I really am.

Autistic/ADHD client with PTSD, depression and anxiety


Our counselling team understands the challenges that neurodivergence and intersectionality can bring in taking care of our mental health.

Our counsellors all work in an integrative way, online, to suit your situation, needs and preferences. You will not be told that as you are neurodivergent you must have CBT unless this is your preferred way of accessing therapeutic support.

Neurodivergence and other types of intersectionality are understood so that you can be who you really are in your counselling sessions with us.

Our team is experienced in supporting clients with anxiety, depression, and trauma.

What makes us special is that we are person centred and focus on helping you to develop a strong understanding of your strengths, resources and skills so that you can achieve your goals.

Silja Turville, Acorn to Oak Education

Workplace support

We can help you access workplace accommodations including support workers and strategy coaching through the Access to Work scheme.

Our team can help you through the Access to Work application process and act as advocates with you in your workplace assessments and other discussions.

Acorn to Oak has been excellent in supporting me with my Access to Work application. I would never have been able to get through the process without the help as it felt overwhelming.

ADHD/autistic client