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Dual diagnosis: the uniqueness and challenges of double and multiple neurodivergence

By Silja Turville Silja is a neurodiversity coach working with neurodivergent adults at Acorn to Oak Education. Silja has a special interest in supporting neurodivergent adults to succeed in ways that are authentic to them and is also interested in the interactions between neurodivergence, mental health and intersectionality. Many resources about neurodivergence and neurominority groups […]

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A parent’s experience of supporting an autistic child

We talked with the parent of an autistic child to find out what it has been like, what has worked, what has not worked and what tips she would have for other parents

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SEN school search frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about how to search for schools with good SEN provision and how to find good specialist primary and secondary schools

Autism Mainstream Schools SEN School Provision Specialist Provision

Finding the right school for learners with autism

Finding the right school for learners with autism is not always easy. Read about what your options are and how to find the best provision to meet your child’s needs