ASDAN Enterprise Short Course

A great course for learning and experiencing enterprise as well as developing entrepreneurial skills and knowledge

Focus of the course

This course is for young people of all abilities, mainly aged between 13 and 19

ASDAN Short Courses are multi-level, and the focus is on completing challenges and skills development according to individual ability, rather than attainment at a specific level

How learning happens

Learning takes place through completion of activities that learners are involved in selecting for themselves working towards their own goals for the course. Activities are recorded in the best manner that works for the learner (e.g. powerpoint, writing or drawing) and learners are involved in reviewing their own work and deciding what has worked well and what they would do differently next time

Key modules

The key modules in this course cover entrepreneurial skills, generating enterprising ideas, enterprise planning, enterprise and business, enterprise in action, and enterprise evaluation. Sample activities include figuring out our own entrepreneurial skills, researching national or international businesses, figuring out the differences between different types of company, coming up with enterprise ideas, completing a mini-research project, planning for a business and thinking about how it could be put into action

Dates, registering and payment

Spring Term 2021: Tuesdays, 4.30pm to 5.30pm via Microsoft Teams

Tuesday 12th January to Tuesday 9th February inclusive and Tuesday 23rd February to Tuesday March 23rd inclusive

Register by completing the form here

Payment at or via the bank details in the registration confirmation

Our ASDAN Registration

Acorn to Oak Education is an ASDAN registered centre with number 38206. We offer ASDAN short courses and programmes

According to our safeguarding procedures all members of staff are subject to DBS and other employment checks including in relation to identity, right to work in the UK and reference checks